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Abegoa - Sabão de Azeite Biológico

Sabão de Azeite Biológico

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Gail F.  


Your soap is fabulous. I hope your business is thriving.

Daniel J.  


(Severe allergy - Anaphylaxis)
Thank you so much for all your help so far. So far so good accept we ran out. It is not causing us any problems at the moment. We are also very happy with it as a shampoo. (...) We will be your biggest supporters. We will tell everyone that we know. Since our families will use products we suggest to help keep us safe plus some of them suffer from similar allergies. We look forward to using your product for a very long time to come!!!!!
Thank you ever so much!!!!!!!

jenny j.  


hello sweet, I must say of course I love the soap, as expected, i can easly wash my hair with it without stiping of Everything to get a dried hair, (using conditoner with amla and barbery to lower the ph after in hair)

Jessica T.  


I look forward to receiving my package in the mail...since no other soap even compares to yours!!! :)

Rita H.  


Thank you for making such a great product.
Anyway, this is only my second order. I am ordering more and will reorder this time when I have 2 bars left so I never run out again.

Ellen M.  


I am so pleased with your soap. I have very delicate skin. The weather here in Illinois has been very humid this year and I can still use your wonderful olive soap and it doesn't make my skin feel greasy at all.....it just feels soft and smooth.
Have a lovely day.

Maria O.  


This is a wonderful shampoo bar, my hair is simply glowing!
The results for my hair really are phenomenal.(...) I use only natural olive soap in my hair but the results of the Abegoa are phenomenal.

Lil-- lil---@yahoo.com

Hi! I was trying to order your soap unscented and it said it was sold out. Can you please help me place the order I really love your soap it is absolutely wonderful! Thank you!


Thank you for your assistance and understanding. I have been using the eucalyptus and it is wonderful. Great products.

Anna G.  


Hi. I wanted to let you know that I just received your soap. It's lovely. Very moisturizing and has a very nice lather. I'm happy to have found your true castile soap! Thank you!

Amanda T.  


Thanks Emilio :) Im going to wait patiently....I am sure its going to arrive :) And when I do I will be excited to tear into the package! I miss using your soap and cant wait to ditch the one I am using now. :)