Abegoa Soap - Organic Olive Oil Soaporganic_certified_ingredients

Pure Organic Olive Oil Soap
Cold process handmade in small batches
Not blended with other oils
All natural certified organic ingredients

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(+351) 936331056
Abegoa Soap - Organic Olive Oil Soap

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Ethical Consumerism

(This page is still in beta).

Ethical Consumerism (wikipedia)


In relation to our core activities, Abegoa is truly concerned in:

  • Take positive care practices for the environment
  • Support responsible, fair and sustainable trading practices
  • Avoid business practices causing long term damage for short term gain
  • Operate non-exploitative employment practices and demand the same from their suppliers
  • Promote of equality of opportunity, diversity and challenge discrimination
  • Act in a socially responsible manner

At Abegoa we support and use opensource software and operating systems:

Linux - Ubuntu - Operating System

OpenOffice - Office suite

Scribus - Open Source Desktop Publishing (to make our labels)

Gimp - The GNU Image Manipulation Program




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